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Thank You For Your Support

PET SUPPLIES PLUS, Thank you for your continued partnership and opportunity to have our foster animals in your adoption crates. The exposure to customers has been instrumental in getting our animals into loving forever homes. Thank you also for your generous donations of food and supplies to help us care for the animals in our rescue. 

PRO VISION, Thank you for your tireless support in fundraising for our mission! Your donations have helped us throughout the year with our ever-growing medical bills and have helped save many lives.

SOLID GOLD, Thank you for your very generous corporate donation of dry dog and cat food! With these donations we were able to feed over 200 cats, help victims of hurricane Harvey and support several independent rescuers!

LONG ISLAND SPAY AND NEUTER, Thank you for your amazing partnership in helping to ensure that all of our fosters are healthy and happy while getting ready for their forever homes. Your dedication and compassion to animals is unmatched and truly appreciated. We could not continue what we do without your support!

IZZY FROM LIL CUTIE CRITTERS, Thank you for your support with donations from your sculptures to help the animals in JHR!  Your talent in making these animal figures is a work of art and we are so happy to be working with you!

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